Your best advantage: A virtual PA saves you time

Your best advantage: A virtual personal assistant saves you time

We’re sure you have read the secrets of highly productive people, and we’re sure you’ve thought ‘Wow none of those tips are all that groundbreaking’. So how many of them are you actually implementing?

After doing a bit of research ourselves at Gravity, it was discovered the most common of tips for small business and entrepreneurs is to not try and do everything yourself. Delegate, share the load and concentrate on what you are best at.

At the growth phase of your business, it can be hard to relinquish control over everything, and that’s why burnout due to extreme multitasking is a common occurrence for entrepreneurs.

We here at Gravity (as entrepreneurs ourselves!) are firm believers in outsourcing the small things that take you away from focusing on the bigger picture, and that will save you from suffering a breakdown in the exciting phase of your business.

Of course, hiring additional staff is not always an option due to cash flow. Even if you are on board with getting help, you often don’t have the time, space or resources available to hire that additional employee you desperately need.

This is the reason that the Virtual Assistant or Virtual Personal Assistant, is fast becoming one of the best consultants you can engage with.

VPA’s not only save you time and money, but they are also an affordable and experienced investment in the growth of your company. is right on the money when they explain why Virtual Personal Assistant ’s are becoming a secret advantage for small businesses: “Technology has allowed for workers to have more flexibility in their schedule and complete a wide range of tasks that don’t require them to be physically present in an office. It also allows for businesses to access a huge talent pool that may not be readily available in their neighbourhood.”

To address the growing trend, and to offer another extremely beneficial and specialised service to our members, we’ve adopted the experienced and bubbly Zoe Robertson of Elite Assistance, to provide VPA services to all our coworking spaces.

Best of all, she’s got an amazing range of skills to offer not just Gravitites, but many other entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Starting out with her Virtual Personal Assistant business, Elite Assistance, Robertson explains “I saw a gap in the market to provide business support to other start ups, sole traders and small businesses which could be flexible, ad hoc and on demand  - and decided to fill it! Its hard to grow your business without assistance, but employing someone is a huge commitment and isn't particularly cost effective at the early stages so Elite Assistance is a great solution. I want to be able to provide a level of service you would expect from an employee, without the strings attached.”

With a background in recruitment for more than 6 years, she then went on to become an executive assistant, working exclusively with entrepreneurs. Elite Assistance strongly believes that it’s important to partner with their entrepreneurial and small business clients for the best outcomes, “We are not just virtual assistants, we are accessible. We have assistants with a variety of strengths, so we can support you in any area of your business. We are able to promote your business to our network of clients.”

In terms of the services that VPA’s can provide, Elite Assistance assures us they are not limited to traditional EA or PA skills only. “We can assist your business with recruitment, event organisation, bookkeeping, social media, design, web development, email management, marketing administration and so much more.” Robertson says, with great enthusiasm for the small tasks that most businesses owners will groan at the thought of!

So, when should you hire a VPA you ask?

If you fall into any of these categories, it’s time to start considering contacting one.

  1. You don’t need and can’t afford a full-time employee.
  2. You need work done that doesn’t require an office presence.
  3. You travel a lot and need someone who likes working virtually.
  4. You spend more time organising rather than executing.
  5. You know what tasks need to be done but you don’t have the manpower.


As with hiring any employee, finding a good fit is about addressing your individual business culture and goals. But if you know you need help with administrative tasks and you’ve got the flexibility to hire someone who can work remotely, it’s definitely something worthwhile to consider.

And finally, Robertson confirms the benefits to her business of being surrounded by our members at Gravity: “Don't try to start a business from home. You need to be in it to win it.”

For more information on our membership packages that include Virtual Personal Assistant services, click here to register your interest, via email or phone call.

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