Workplace Trends Series Part 2: Music

Best Work place Trends Series: Music and Productivity 

Does music help your productivity? The future workplace needs to foster productivity, and the most cutting edge workplaces are implemented by businesses that are aware of the impact on the space. An environment that appeals to the five senses has been proven to draw the best results out of us humans. 

A question frequently asked by every worker is - does music help or hinder productivity? Of course, if people are in agreeance that music DOES help their productivity there is most definately always a divided opinion on what types of music should be played in a workplace!

We’re here to debunk some of the myths surrounding this. Let’s look at the research.

Music makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable

Music’s effectiveness is dependent on how “immersive” a task is, referring to the creative demand of the work. When a task is clearly defined and repetitive in nature, research suggests that music is consistently helpful.

More recent studies also argue that it isn’t the music itself, but rather the improved mood your favorite music brings that is the source of this bump in productivity.

In an open plan workplace such as Gravity, music, for some is an escape

While the benefits of coworking have been proven (click here for our blog post), one point is always raised against open plan workplaces: an overly noisy one can halt personal productivity in its tracks.

Perhaps a pair of headphones may not be as distracting as some companies think! You’ll notice that we do play a range of music in the background in all of our coworking spaces… feel free to request your favourite tunes!

Ambient noise is the creative sweet spot

For those who do enjoy listening to music during creative sessions, an atmospheric presence seems to work best. Research says that a moderate noise level can get creative juices flowing, but the line is easily crossed; loud noises made it incredibly difficult to concentrate.

Familiarity helps for focused work

It may be beneficial to listen to music you are familiar with if you need to intensely focus for a project. The reason being is that new music is surprising; since you don’t know what to expect, you are inclined to listen closely to see what comes next.

So what’s your stance on music? Are you an avid listener during the working day or is background noise your thing?

Drop us a note and let us know your thoughts. Excerpts from Help Scout.