Tired of feeling isolated, distracted or disconnected? Try coworking.

Working from home? Are you noticing that it is increasingly becoming isolating, distracting, uninspiring?

We understand - the main reason people choose to work from home is that it’s the cheaper solution to getting an office.

But how many of you have succumbed to the effects of working home – like never really getting ‘dressed’? Being distracted by household chores? A coworking space can bring back that spark, that creativity and innovation in you, whilst also offering flexible working terms.

However for the average worker, a coworking space can seem out of reach because of their costs. Gravity is here to debunk that myth.

  • For a monthly membership fee, that is all encompassing, you can be part of a community of like minded, entrepreneurial business people who are all on a path to success. Take it from one of Gravity’s members, Be Social, Be Smart:

    "Previously a home-based business, each day was a juggle of work and home life amplified by working right in the midst of our home life. The main benefits of moving into this co-working space apart from affordability have been increased productivity, connectivity and flexibility."

  • Still worried about paying for just a desk in a big office space?

Coworking isn’t just about open plan desks. By striking the right balance of open desk space, closed meeting rooms, quiet focus areas and breakout spaces, Gravity has created a workplace that offers diverse ways for you to work.

A Gravity membership covers everything from meeting room use, to wifi, to tea and coffee, fruit and newspapers. Everything a small business or entrepreneur could possibly need to run a business and take on the world! Our cofounder is pleased to announce:

"Gravity is offering you the chance to test out their coworking space for a month. The catch? There is no catch! Just register your details and in return you will receive a ONE MONTH FREE coworking pass."

Click here to take up this offer now: www.gravitycoworking.com.au/takeithigher

Hope to see you in our workspace soon!