Time to focus!
Here comes 2017…..

It’s always hard to get straight back into it after a holiday, but after a number of years of practice, there are some tried and tested ways I’ve found to ensure I get motivated and back into the game quickly!

Plan out your goals for the year Having 2-3 achievable goals to work towards helps me focus on what I’m working towards, when the day to day running of a business bogs me down. Referring back to these each week helps me check in and make sure I’m on the right track. It’s also so satisfying ticking them off at the end of the year! So make sure they are challenging, but achievable.

Reassess your online brand

This goes for your personal brand if you have one, as well as your business. Google yourself! Is it time for a new headshot or website refresh? What worked for you in terms of marketing this year? This is a great time to tweak your online strategy so that you identify the tools that helped your business grow, and cut back on those that don’t. Watch this space as I reassess Gravity!

Get organised

If you’re like a lot of business owners, your desk can get cluttered, paper piles up. Spend a bit of time throwing away and shredding things you don’t need and organising your computer files by year. It will make things easier to find. I guarantee you’ll feel more together. I always invest in a new notebook to celebrate the new year!

Book those meetings

Having a few meetings lined up for the first weeks is the best way to get my head back in the game. Having to plan and strategise for a meeting helps me focus and get used to having my game face on. There’s no time like the present to lock in some new clients/business. Happy new year!