Increase your brand awareness: Adopt podcasting. Our secrets revealed here.

Are you overwhelmed by just how much internet marketing you can do these days? Trying to find the best channels for your business? You are definitely not alone!

Despite the multitude of options for internet marketing, the one key thing that is common amongst business success stories is their ability to tell a story. We as humans are drawn to a story: it’s beginning, its trials and tribulations and its outcome.

Content marketing is a great way for brands to tell their story, and we have been delving into the world of podcasting lately, thanks to our friends at We Are Podcast. Besides uncovering interesting and relevant information chosen by the person, podcasts are an easily consumable content format, and it doesn’t require a person’s undivided attention like video or text-based content does.

With the help of We Are Podcast and, we have come up with four reasons why you should start exploring the benefits of podcasting for your business:

  1. You can become more intimate with your audience.

When there are a zillion more brands and businesses vying for audience attention in the online space, it’s evident that the plain old tricks of content marketing may not keep working for your business. You’ve got to be different. By allowing you to talk to your audience directly, in your own voice, podcasts help you connect with your audience on a deeper and more personal level.

  1. It is a relatively untouched channel for marketers….for now!

Despite the benefits and the relative ease of podcasting, few businesses are actually doing it. Including podcasts in your content-marketing strategy can give you the leverage that helps you stay ahead of your competitors.

Take cues from the experts who are doing it right., Our friends at We Are Podcast are running an amazing two day seminar in November, and will enlighten, educate and excite current and future podcasters and entrepreneurs who want to ride the (air) wave of the growing podcast frenzy. The conference will address the activities every podcaster should deal with before, during and after they create their podcast platform.

  1. There are many possibilities with podcasting.

If you think that podcasts are for one-way communication with your audience, you might be mistaken. You can share your ideas with your audience in so many different ways with podcasts. You can review products and services. You can invite an expert or thought leader to be a guest on your “show.” You can interview experts, and even consumers. Podcasting is a great way to put forth the views of people your audience is most likely to trust -- experts, and their peers.

  1. You can distribute podcasts through multiple channels.

While the most common thing to do is to broadcast your podcasts on your website or blog, you can spread their reach across the global audience through services like iTunes  and SoundCloud. You can also use social channels to share your podcasts with your audience.

So what’s stopping you? Go get your recording device and start talking.

Have fun with it, test it out and get ready for a greater customer and client interaction with your brand.

For more information about the We Are Podcast event, click here.