5 Ways To Build A Professional Brand

5 Habits To Help Build A Professional Brand

So you’ve got the professional workspace (if it’s not Gravity – you need to come and see how a high end coworking and shared business space will give your business an edge!) you’ve spent money a smart website and sleek marketing material. But how do you take your brand to the next level for all to see and hear about?

Some people are gifted in the art of self promotion, others businesses go about their day quietly hoping that somone will notice the great work they are doing.

According to career expert Rick Gillis, author of the book Promote! It’s Who Knows What You Know That Makes a Career, the best path to standing out on the job is a middle one--not too arrogant and boastful, but definitely not wallpaper.

  1. Embrace the difference between articulating your value and bragging

As a kid, chances are you were taught that modesty is the best policy. Better to let others discover your greatness--right? Wrong. The problem is, they probably won't--at least not on their own. Explaining your value and why it is important to your client, is a skill to be mastered--and practiced often.

  1. Adopt an accomplishment mindset and narrative

In any workplace, you're seen first as a commodity, not a person. Same goes for your own business, and how your clients can see you at times. Accordingly, you need an inventory of your on-the-job accomplishments--the things that express your commercial value to your client. Be able to roll those things off your tongue anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

  1. Quantify your worth

You were engaged by your customer or client because they believed that you'd produce more value for their business than you'd cost. Make sure that you can report formally or informally, on the value you are bringing to your clients business. A PR company may talk in dollar values for what press exposure is worth and the reach they have achieved, for only the price of their monthly retainer. Ascertain what service you can quantify with a value amount - perhaps it's not even a dollar value, it might be the number of additional leads you have generated, or number of people you have helped drive their website.

  1. Source and shape your success stories

To begin the process of creating your perfect Business Brand, look at old résumés, business planners, performance reviews, and journals and create a list of your key accomplishments. Augment this document by reaching out to family, friends, managers, co-workers, customers, to get their opinions too. Important to complete this step by phone, not email.

  1. Master the three-part accomplishment statement

Turn each of your major accomplishments into a single, three-part statement with a distinct beginning, middle, and end. The idea is to briefly explain what you did, what that resulted in, and the value gained. For example: "Created an online marketing campaign that drove 2000 additional customers to the website, resulting in an increase in actual converted sales by 10%.


Stay tuned as we discuss another 5 tips on next weeks blog.


Article contains extracts from  6 Habits for Building and Promoting Your Personal Brand BY PETER ECONOMY, Inc.com