4 Tips for Driving Traffic To Your Website

Remember the days before websites? We know, it’s hard to cast your mind back so far! It’s no longer news that having a sharp, well edited and up to date website is one of the essential ingredients in a businesses marketing arsenal.

So you’ve spent the money setting it up and maintaining it, but are you measuring the success of your website? Our cofounder explains, “Analysing website traffic is one of the simplest ways to gauge your marketing strategy reach and effectiveness. By checking and comparing each week your unique hits, repeat versus new visitors and time spent on your website, you can gain a great insight into who is visiting, what they are doing on it and then compare this to leads, sales and conversion pipelines.”

We’ve compiled five ways to drive traffic, without breaking the bank. Employing these tips will make a world of difference, so make sure your website is linked to Google Analytics so you can watch the results and feel pretty smug about your increasing number of hits!

Here are our top 5 tips on maximising traffic to your website:

  • Offer great content

A blog is an essential part of a website these days. You want to create a landing point that people actually want to visit. Content can be great images, strong opinions, ideas to inspire – the aim is to understand what your customers need and provide a steady stream of no strings attached content that fills those needs. Outward links to other great websites, opinions or reading material help to drive your SEO and bring people to your blog.

  • SEO Matters

Speaking of SEO, this is one of the simplest ways to achieve a higher ranking on search engines which in turn means you will be higher up the users search list and receive more hits.

  • Love your blog

Blogging really does drive traffic. One of our members recently ran an experiment where they increased their blogging from twice per week to over 10 posts per week. The result was a 300 percent increase in traffic in just two months. And this isn’t an unusual occurrence. But make sure you do number 4.

  • Update your website regularly

In order for search engines such as Google, to keep ranking your page highly and suggesting that people visit your page, you need to keep content original, full of relevant keywords and keep adding this content regularly. By regularly we mean multiple times a week. A blog is the perfect tool for adding information to your website, but you can also do it by having social media feeds that link back to parts of your website, a page that notes the clients you regularly work with or a newsletter that allows you to add information about staff, business news and your views on subjects that relate to your business.

So, why not try these simple steps and check out your analytics to see the results. We make sure we follow these tips religiously and we definitely notice the difference, in a positive way.

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Until next time!