5 Minutes With a Member - Pedzi Mawande

5 Mins With a Member - Pedzi Mawande on Body Corporate Management

With the recent opening of Gravity Brisbane, our community of entrepreneurs is expanding, creating exciting opportunities for inter-state collaboration.

Pedzi Mawande is one half of the duo who began The Community Co, a Body Corporate Management that create opportunities for people to build lasting communities by advocating sustainable decision making , modern and simpler information management, education and good corporate governance.

So tell us a bit about your business Pedzi…

The Community Co (TCC) is the next generation of Body Corporate Management.

And what is your working background?

I graduated from Griffith University with a double in Commerce and International  Business. I have worked in the the Body Corporate Management industry for 5 years before starting TCC.

What attracted you to a coworking space?

As part of a ‘duo-prenuer’ Coworking met our needs precisely. It provided a space for us to grow as we need it.

What made you decide that Gravity is the Coworking space for you?

We have worked hard at partnering with people and companies that fit our culture. Gravity was a perfect fit in regards to their values and purpose. In addition, there amenities , services and inclusions are impeccable (please check out the kitchen or what we refer to a s the cafe)

Tell us what you love most about what you do.

Creating opportunities to build community in all that we do.

Greatest work achievement?

Starting The Community Co and watching it grow to business that manages over $350  million in property in under 4 months.

Favourite TV show?

THE FLASH on the CW network, a character from the Justice League.

Favourite book?

Tim Ferris ‘The 4 hour work week’

Piece of advice for our other members and for startups and entrepreneurs out there?

Remember to always value the customer and understand that your purpose if to meet their needs.

Find out more about The Community Co here