5 Minutes With a Member - Amber Hawken

5 Minutes With a Member

Looking for some positive inspiration? Well look no further as we introduce you to one of our new members, Amber Hawken.

We love this caption taken from her Instagram: it totally sums up the bright, sunny attitude that Amber brings to our co-workspace every single day. Read on for our 5 minute chat with Amber about her studies, her greatest achievement and her best piece of advice.

"There are some days where I feel like this photo. Red lippy, hair flip, life is great. But there are other days where I struggle. Sure I push through, I focus on my targets, goals and aspirations for my life. I think of all that I am grateful for and wonderful opportunities in my life."

So Amber, tell us what you're working on whilst at Gravity. You seem to be always buzzing about the space! Amber Hawken is my business, it’s a personal brand. I offer services including events, seminars, workshops, 1:1 mentoring and writing that aim to empower and educate people in a physical, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

How did you end up in the business coaching space? I started as a radiation therapist treating cancer. I left shortly after feeling like I wanted to be part of the prevention solution not the treatment of a symptom and studied to mind. I’m a qualified neuro linguistics programming practitioner, personal trainer and life coach. I studied at Newcastle University, Australian Institute of Fitness and The Coaching Institute.

What attracted to you to a coworking space? An environment I could “go to” as an entrepreneurial business needing to work outside of home.

For those who might not have experienced Gravity, what is it about our space that makes it your number one choice? It has incredible facilities, manager (jenny), other clients who I get to bounce off, chat to and just a great space for efficiency.

Tell us what you love most about what you do. I get to talk to, share important awareness education about a fulfilling life and help people every single day.

Greatest work achievement? Running a successful holistic health and empowerment retreat at the age of 24.

Favourite TV show? House.

Favourite book? SO MANY. Gosh, fiction – dr sues oh the places you’ll go. Non – fiction – A new Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

And finally your best piece of advice for our other members and for startups and entrepreneurs out there? Get to know people, use your connections and be kind in all you do and goodness will come back to you in that space.

Check out Amber's fantastic podcasts here and her website is a must visit for more info about how Amber can help you. www.amberhawken.com