5 Mins with Optus Your Shark Tank Winner Sarah Pearce

5 Mins with Shark Tank Winner Sarah Pearce

It’s been a big year for Sarah Pearce, first winning Optus Your Shark Tank people’s choice award, then landing Business Chick’s coworking competition to become a founding member of Gravity Coworking in brisbane .

As part of The People’s Choice Award, Sarah receives mentoring sessions with Boost Juice founder and Shark Tank judge Janine Allis.

This mentorship, along with working alongside Gravity’s community of inspirational professionals is helping Sarah’s business – Travelshoot – flourish.

Travelshoot connects travellers with local photographers around the world – meaning your cherished travelling memories will be captured beautifully forever. Taking time out from her hectic schedule Sarah talks to Gravity about her journey so far.


What was your first job? 

My first gig was an ‘off the radar illegal 13 year old’ employed 'pizza artist' in a local pizzeria.


What made you realize you wanted to be your own boss? 

I always knew I wanted to work for myself but in the last few years I’ve had some personal losses in my life which wake you up and make you really appreciate how important it is to do something you genuinely love.


Were you born an entrepreneur or did a person / life event inspire you to become one? 

I'm a born entrepreneur, but a scared one. It’s taken me 10years to find the courage to make the leap. I had built a succesful corporate career with a great CV and salary – but the recent 'life reality checks' have absolutely made me realise none of that matters. I’m now in start up mode, earning very little, but am the happiest I’ve ever been.


How important it is for entrepreneurs to surround themselves with a network of like-minded people? 

I think it’s critical, Australia is still a very small place when it comes to connections, and the volume of ‘warm leads’ that have helped me secure opportunities faster speaks volumes about surrounding yourself with like minded people.


What do you think of the co-working concept?

What I love about it is it’s up to you to make what you want out of it. It’s like when you’re on a plane and you may or may not be in the mood to chat to that person next to you - co–working allows you the flexibility to establish new connections and be social when you want. And then on those days when you have a shitload of work to do and can’t be bothered talking to anyone – you don’t have to, there’s no pressure, and everyone respects that cause they’re in the same position.


How has your experience of working at Gravity been so far? 

Aside from being hugely more productive in the space, I can honestly say everyone I have met so far has been incredibly relevant and a solid professional contact to make. For me personally, sharing desk space with bloggers or digital marketing specialists for example, it’s hugely beneficial and I’m really excited about the prospect of joint projects and opportunities in the future with the people I’ve met already. The space itself is just top notch, a very impressive first impression when you host meetings.


Knowing what you know now what advice would you give to yourself starting Travelshoot?

Jump sooner – Travelshoot has been such a wild and fun ride already, I wish I’d backed myself and started it sooner.


What’s the best piece of advice you have received?

I’m really fortunate to be working with Janine Allis right now as a mentor, and I love her recent advice to ‘think big and just go for it’ - her story of building the Boost Juice empire really comes down to sheer determination and thinking really really big. I had limited my vision for Travelshoot out of a fear of failing – but now I don’t care and am thinking huge things for the future of Travelshoot.


What advice would you give to people looking to give up their own day job and start their own business?

If you can do it, do it. I get that sometimes (due to the need to eat and not be homeless) it’s difficult – but with proper planning and determination there’s always a way to give it a go.


How important is social media in the success of your business?

For us it’s essential, Travelshoot is such a visual product that particularly Instagram has been critical already in building a base of leads and industry connections. A good lesson we’ve learnt already is to just focus on the social media channels that work best for us and just focus on doing them really well.


What does the future hold for Travelshoot?

We want Travelshoot to be on everyone’s radar when they’re planning an epic trip somewhere in the world – might be a holiday, or special event – we just want them to know that our experience exists and help as many people capture awesome travel memories.

If you want to make your travel memories extraordinary log onto Travelshooot here.