5 Mins With a Member - Stuart Pratt

5 Mins With a Member - Stuart Pratt

With the recent opening of Gravity Co-working in Brisbane , our community of entrepreneurs is expanding, creating exciting opportunities for inter-state collaboration.

Coming to Australia with no more than $50 in his back pocket, Stuart Pratt is an entrepreneurial success story and we're delighted to have him as one of Gravity Brisbane's founding members.

Taking 5 mins from his workday, Stuart talks about his journey from radio show contestant (ask him at our next drinks function) to Brisbane businessman.

Can you tell us a bit about your business CSG?

We provide a complete portfolio of print and communication solutions across Australia and NZ. We are growing and bringing new services onboard to help businesses be more productive and flexible


What is your working background?

I studied Civil Engineering in NZ, but I became involved in this business through a radio competition. I like to work and be rewarded on results,my most interesting job was a cycle courier in Wellington NZ.


What made you decide that Gravity is the coworking space for you?

It's central in Brisbane CBD, clients are more open to coming in to see me as I call it my “innovation hub” and it’s a great way to network.


What is one of your greatest work achievements?

Starting with no more than $50 when I came to Australia and working hard to develop skills to get the outcomes that benefit many.


Tell us what you love most about what you do.?

I love to chase new business and new services that make a positive contribution to someone’s business.


Favourite book?

The Power of One.


Piece of advice for our other members and for startups and entrepreneurs out there?

Be clear in what you do, be open and positive, your energy will help achieve your goals.


Read more about CSG here.