Get to Know a Gravitite - Thomas Pham!

Thomas Pham

Founder at "Shoji"


What does Shoji do? How do you set yourself apart?
We are building a mobile app called Shoji which aims to help people meet the people they actually need to meet. Shoji does this by creating a new avenue of perception when you see another person, by placing a digital billboard above peoples heads. This lets them say more than just how they dress or what they look like but, “Hi I’m Tom and this is what I need help with.” 

What has been the biggest challenge to date for you guys?
Handling large portfolios with limited resources. In staying lean we’ve put ourselves in a precarious position of not coping with the influx of requests from organisations to work together.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt in business?
If you set parameters of why something couldn’t work around anything you are trying to solve, it limits the impact of your solution.

When you aren’t busy hustling what do you like to do in your spare time?
Anything competitive in nature and hunting for the best burgers!

What album do you listen to when you are getting Sh*T done?
Fan of a fan – Chris Brown and Tyga.

Favourite thing about Gravity Coworking?
It has to be Blake - Melbourne’s own Space Concierge. Blake works tirelessly to create a family like community here and we really appreciate it.

Most inspiring place you’ve ever been?
Actually has to be just a small soup kitchen in Melbourne for homeless youths. Learning that 42,000 young people are out in the cold most nights; a lot through no fault of their own, and doing whatever they can to survive… good or bad, inspires me to work my ass off so they can have a better future.

What is the best thing about the Shoji team?
We get sh*t done. #abc