Workspaces that grow with you – Part 2

Cowork Spaces at Gravity | Workspaces that grow with you – Part 2

Last week, we gave you a few tips on what to think about when choosing where you will run your mini empire from. This week we focus on how your workspace can activate and enable the growth of your amazing, life changing business!

Your workspace can greatly influence your day to day productivity and energy. But it also has a huge bearing on the strategic side of your business – one of the most important influencers on whether you will realise the long term growth and success of your idea. Let’s face it, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day but being in the right kind of work environment will ensure that you stay on your toes and focus on the bigger picture!

Shut down that email and bring out the butcher paper
Don’t get bogged down in the task of answering email after email after email. Email is a bit like the beer monkey – he can bring good fortune in moderation, but too much of it can blur time, slap you around a bit and before you know it it’s been 8 hours and you can’t remember what’s happened and where your keys are.
Dedicate at least two mornings a week to being ’email free’. Start the day with a brainstorming session with staff, a strategy meeting with investors or just take time to read about industry news, events and happenings. Let your mind wander and explore – curious people will find their next idea or solution to a problem when they give themselves a chance to think outside the square. Having the space to do this away from your desk is crucial to a) this actually happening and b) help your mind change it’s train of thought. Gravity has so many different zones in which you can work from, like cosy quiet booths, sound proof meeting spaces, a fabulous light filled breakout space and even a balcony overlooking a park! This kind of freedom is conducive to creativity. We are huge advocates of not being desk bound.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Wouldn’t it be great if you could phone a friend? Choose 50/50? Well, in a coworking space you can. Being big enough to ask questions and being prepared to hear the answers takes courage, but having a network of business people around you gives you the opportunity to ask questions, bounce ideas around. Learning from others will only help you to enhance how you do things, grow your ideas and apply your new found knowledge to your own business.

Surprise and delight your customers and clients
Fake it till you make it. You may only be one or two at the moment, but not for long. As soon as you nail that major client, you’ll have the resources and funds to really do great things. But it’s hard to win that client over from your local café or worse, your lounge room! This is where a great workspace like Gravity comes in. Having the setting of a professional, corporate workspace in which you can invite your client to pitch to them makes the world of difference to your corporate image. And image is everything. Yep, it sure is. Having a space that instantly says ‘we mean business’ helps any pitch start off on the right foot. Being surprised and delighted at just how damn good you are at what you do is the key to securing trust in a new client, and a great workspace that you are proud of is the ultimate start point.

We hope this series of tips and ideas has been helpful in giving you direction when it comes to growing your business through your workspace. We’d love you to share our ideas with others so they can feel the love too.

Go on, do it!

Until next time.