Trust in a flexible workplace

Trust in a flexible workplace

Flexible workspaces, coworking spaces and mobile environments all challenge the notion that work can only be completed within a controlled environment – a place where you are managed, you have a fixed desk and you have someone to answer to.

What Gravity was designed to do is provide the flexible workforce with a space that challenges all traditional work methods and defies what ‘work’ is all about. If you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace the positive outcomes of being in business for yourself, in an environment that fosters collaboration, productivity and results. A study by Geyer and Swinburne University confirms what we at Gravity already know – just how great a workforce can be when ‘trust’ is allowed to reign and flexibility is fostered.

Spaces such as Gravity – highly flexible, highly mobile environments challenge our notions of control and management style and rely heavily on a high degree of trust to be successful. Regardless of how and where we work, business is about interacting with people – be it your partner, co-worker or the guy you buy your coffee from, a relationship built on trust will be far more stable than any other.

Other reasons for acknowledging the importance of trust are that the GFC, corporate misbehaviour and leadership fumbles, have created low organisational trust. Naturally this is cause for serious concern amongst business leaders who are painfully aware of the negative impacts low trust can have on business performance. This can affect small businesses, single operators and partnerships, when pitching to businesses and asking for their trust in them.

The crux of the study, found that the workplaces and work styles that reported the highest level of trust amongst both clients and employees had the following attributes:

– More casual spaces available to work from
– A higher percentage of open plan workspace
– A greater variety of places to work within the environment
– Space likely to be allocated on task rather than status
– Dedicated areas for social interaction, breakout areas, embellished lunch areas, etc
– The environment will communicate the organisation’s values
– A highly ergonomic workplace
– Distribution across fewer floors
– Visual connectivity between employees

The findings completely support the work style that we have based the concept for Gravity on. The success of the space depends on us providing our members with the best environment from which they can conduct their business, and this is really our reason for being. We would love to hear what you think of our space or come and visit it and experience the work style we offer for yourself.

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