Small business resources you need to know about

Small business resources you need to know about

Getting ahead as a small business can be as challenging as a warm up match with Rafael Nadal. You’re trying to keep your eye on the ball, not trip over your own feet, not freaking out at the speed at which everything is coming at you and most of all trying to look as good as he does. Yep we’re talking about those arms!

At Gravity, we love a small business and one thing we’ve figured out (being a small business ourselves) is how to combat feeling overwhelmed at the beginning of each week. We’ve compiled a list of apps and websites that can help you stay focused on winning rather than just trying to get your racket to the ball.

Social media – Buffer
Buffer is an app that allows you to enter posts for Twitter, and then schedule when they are to be posted to your account. It allows you to have multiple Twitter accounts that push out these posts, and allows you to attach images to the tweets and links to articles. With up to 10 posts available for free per week, you can be super organised at the start of your week by organising your posts and ensure you will always be getting the message out on your social media platforms even when your week flies by.

Task/project management – Trello
Trello is a collaborative tool that organises your projects around boards so you can see at a glance what’s being worked on, who’s working on what and what the progress is. It’s available for all mobile devices and you can add people to tasks, track the progress of company tasks and attach files from Dropbox or Google Drive.
You can collaborate in real time and invite as many people as you want to a board. You can attach photos, drawings or sketches.

Email management – CloudMagic
Many of us spend more time organising our emails than reading and replying to them. The free mail app, CloudMagic, helps with this through its superior search feature, which lets you find the emails you are looking for instantly.
You can search individual accounts as well as all your accounts at once. If you have a lot of inboxes this is a real time saver. You can also perform bulk actions such as delete, archive and mark as read/unread.

Document Sharing – Hightail
Previously called YouSendIt, this file-sharing app was originally set up to send large attachments that email could not process.
It now offers online sharing, storage and file management functions. Hightail lets you send, receive and track files and the free version offers up to 2GB of storage.
It’s ideal if you have a mobile office or need to travel a lot. When you upload a file, Hightail creates a link that can be shared with anyone. Once someone clicks on that link they can download that file.