Present Like A Pro

Present Like A Pro – Presentation Tips

How come some people just get it when it comes to presenting? We’ve compiled 4 failsafe tips to adopt when it comes to your next big pitch. Knock ‘em dead!

1. Be your presentation

Don’t just memerise your presentation, your material should be second nature. You should know it inside out. The effort you put into knowing your topic in the beginning will mean the results are undeniable. Presentations become easier to give, more natural to hear, and ultimately more engaging.

2. Understand & Engage

Some of the best presenters are those that not only engage an audience, but also show a clear understanding of who their audience is. Research your audience before presenting. What type of people are coming to see you? Who are you pitching to? The executive team? The marketers? At the beginning of a presentation, utilise the information to instantly make you relatable and likeable. When applicable, engage your audience with questions. In smaller more intimate settings, let them answer or comment throughout the presentation to keep the dialogue flowing.

3. Keep slides simple

Regardless of your design skills, your slides are meant to enhance your presentation, not be the presentation. Keeps the focus on you. Here are some tips that make your slides enhance you:

– For complicated matters, write summarising key points but explain the rest by speech. Your audience members came to see you – not your deck.

– No need for animations or transitions unless they serve a distinct purpose. For example, use a pop-in animation if you plan on surprising your audience in the context of your speech. Otherwise, don’t use the pop-up animation. Only use special effects with a contextual purpose.

4. Keep it short

The most popular media platforms produce increasingly small content. For instance, we consume news from microblogs (Twitter, Tumblr), video from microfilms (YouTube, Vine). Today’s audiences demand concise material. If you’re allotted 30 minutes of presentation time – finish in 25. Conduct practice sessions with a partner. Let them know before you begin that the goal is to cut nonessential material. Announcing the goal beforehand helps your partner take mental notes during your speech rather than reflecting at the end.

Practice these 4 tips for your next presentation and you’ll be sure to leave a positive impact. Good luck!