Meet Damian, our Space Concierge

Meet Damian, our Space Concierge here at Gravity Co-working

You may have seen him around the place, or perhaps you haven’t yet had the pleasure of a tour from Damian! Whether you know him or not, this week we shine a light on the person that you’ll get to know best at Gravity, our Space Concierge.

Keep reading to discover more.

So Damian, give us an overview of what you’re doing at Gravity Co-working

Well I’ve been excited to be onboard with Gravity for 3 months now, and I’m responsible for all the operations and day to day business at Gravity Co-working.

I’m based on site, 5 days a week, and am pretty much available to all members to make sure their experience of the space is productive, positive and beneficial to their business. I’ll get to know each member individually and help facilitate business connections through introducing members to each other. I’ll also be hosting all member events as the space grows and develops, and will be managing brand partnerships as we activate some great relationships with other like-minded businesses along the way.

Why did you decide to join Gravity Co-working?

I came on board at the beginning of 2014. It was too good an opportunity to pass up, and I was amazed and wowed by the whole concept of the space and what a new and different coworking environment would bring to the business community in the CBD. To be involved in the launch of a new concept from the ground up has been very stimulating.

What were you up to before joining the team?
I have worked across hospitality and brand marketing industries as well as serviced offices providers for over 15 years. I’ve been mostly involved with client interactions, operations and sales. I bring to Gravity a depth of experience in B2B, customer service, facility management, attention to detail, strong client relationship skills, brand awareness, negotiating skills. I also bring a lot of enthusiasm and laughs that I can hopefully spread amongst our members!

So what is it about Gravity that is so different to other coworking spaces?
The whole space has a modern, polished office vibe. The fitout is brand new and has a high level of quality, commensurate with a typical high end corporate office space. It’s still got a cool factor, and it’s the kind of space where you could dress up in a suit, or dress more casually and still feel comfortable coming to work.

We’re also really proud of the fact that we are an open book – there are no hidden costs when it comes to booking meeting rooms, using video conferencing, printing and using mailing facilities. All of this is included with our membership fee. We don’t want to sting our members, it’s all about supporting them in their business goals.

How does the space enhance your members professional development, creativity, productivity and opportunity?
For most startups and entrepreneurs, it’s all about first impressions. They want to aspire to build their business and achieve their goals, and their corporate image will be enhanced by our space. Imagine a startup having the luxury of a prime location, dynamic corporate environment and meeting rooms to not only work from but also to present to their clients and leads. This will only enhance their image and their ability to be successful in their venture. The variety of spaces we provide also encourage collaboration, creativity and brainstorming, by allowing our members to breakout from their desks into light filled, inspiring spaces in which they can work solo or in a team.

What types of workers will Gravity appeal to?
A really wide range of workers would love our space! Although we won’t be for everyone, we’ve kept a broad range of workers in mind.

Freelancers will love the flexibility of our memberships. They will also love that we offer 24/7 access.

Startups will love not having to be locked into a contract. They can pay month by month, and there are no hidden charges. They will also be exposed to a range of people who could offer their services to help get their business up and running.

Small businesses will love that they can have their team altogether in a space that is aspirational – they don’t have the cost of signing a lease, building a fitout and all the expenses that come with setting up an office. By being a member though, they will have access to A grade facilities and have a space in which they can bring their clients, host meetings and call their own.

Entrepreneurs will love having access to a variety of knowledgeable and skilled business people, particularly through our monthly meetings where we have guest speakers that are free of charge for members.

Corporate teams will love the space, as not only is it secure, we offer secure server racks for them to plug into, we have video conferencing facilities and their staff will feel motivated and inspired by the energy of the space.

So what will you be doing to help your members connect and create a mutually beneficial relationship?
We’ll be living and breathing the networking ethos. We’ll be providing lots of opportunities for members to meet one another, through breakfasts, morning teas and members only events, in which businesses can exchange ideas and information. I’ll be getting to know each individual business, so I will really help facilitate connections through introductions between members who can share services. Through beneficial partnerships we will also be hosting regular networking events such as breakfasts, twilight sessions and Gravity arranged meetup groups.

Any fun facts that our members should know about you?
My Sister and 3 brothers names start with the letter D like me (Debbie, David, Darren, Derek & me Damian) I was originally named Anthony and for about 2 weeks until my Sister demanded I have a name starting with D so I did not get a complex!

Favourite movie?