Exclusive hub, targeting elite coworkers

Exclusive hub, targeting elite coworkers

So for those who are already Gravitites, this will come as no surprise, but for the entrepreneurs and business people out there who have only just heard of Gravity, here is a great article that gives you an idea of who we are and why we are so unique as a coworking space in Sydney.

Check out the video here.

Opening in March this year, Gravity was the first coworking space in Sydney to offer a luxury, boutique office situation.
Located in the much sought-after CBD building 50 Carrington Street, overlooking Wynyard Park, this private members club blends the worlds of business and lifestyle seamlessly.
Talking to AFR, Gravity’s co-founder Jacqui Esdaile explains why she saw a need in the market to cater for a high-end breed of co-workers.

“There wasn’t a co-working space for those third and fourth-time entrepreneurs who weren’t just setting up and had successful businesses and maybe they had a need to project a professional image to a potential new client,” says interior-architect Jacqui Esdaile.
“We thought there was a gap.”
Ms Esdaile said the opportunity to design and build a solution to this gap at the Dexus-owned landmark property was simply too enticing, citing the buildings high quality construction and finishes and vast granite facade as “an immutable structure”.
“I wanted to create something polished and sophisticated,” said Esdaile of her considered work.
“Overlaying textures and patterns bring a certain character to the space, not dissimilar to modern working behaviours.
“We can sell ourselves not only as the premium first to market but as a space where members can be part of the Gravity community.”

Read Jacqui’s full interview with Michael Bleby of AFR at www.afr.com