Coworking – Is it for me?

Coworking Space – Is it for me?

Not just a buzz word, coworking and being part of a coworking space environment is becoming the essential ingredient to a successful startup. We’ve taken a look at some of the reasons why this type of collaborative workspace will benefit you and your business.

With coworking becoming more common for startups and small business owners, we carefully considered the reasons why coworking will enhance the output and productivity of so many different businesses. Here are our top four reasons:

Personal dynamics drive startups. Interpersonal dynamics are a huge part of the success of your new business. A rapidly changing environment with few resources = lots of issues. When those issues arise — like anything else in life — you need to rely heavily on relationships to solve them.
This is where being in the same room and looking face to face at other human beings makes a huge difference. Every challenge you encounter from there on helps to further build relationships so that you can go on to collectively solve more problems together.

The variety of industries that are attracted to become Gravitites means that you as a member will have the opportunity to connect with people that have diverse skills. We aim to create a community of like minded people, but with a wide range of experience that will allow many varied personal and professionals connections.

Change it up
The ability to be able to move around and conduct your day to day tasks in a variety of settings has been proven to increase productivity levels. By moving from a home office to a coworking space, Joel Runyon founder of Impossible Things blog, notes that “As well as getting more stuff done, I was also working less time. Instead of working out of a home office, and “always being on”, I’ve been able to get more done and actually finish my work earlier. I’ve also been able to stop bringing work home.”

Another interesting comment in relation to the variety of workspaces offered and how this can benefit small business, comes from Ernst and Young’s COO, Lynn Rattigan. ‘The best businesses are embracing flexible working, at the point of recruitment, not only to keep attracting the best and brightest talent, but genuinely because that’s where we’re heading as a society. Work is not a place we go to, but a thing we do. The more we explore the idea, the better the talent we can unlock and the more productive we can be. The future begins here.’
We’ve created space at Gravity that offers a multitude of ways to work – from workstations, to meeting rooms, large share desks to quiet booths with soft seating and also high bench areas. We’ve made sure that you’ll never get bored and you and your staff will always have something new to explore at work!

Be part of something bigger
Communities, neighbourhoods, tribes – what do they all have in common? They provide those who participate with support, loyalty and encouragement . They help build a network of relationships that benefit those who are part of the team. Really, this is exactly what a coworking space should be about. It’s about the bigger picture and how you can grow the community and help it to thrive. It’s about passion, openness in opportunity and the irresistible pull that is found within a community. The energy in the Gravity surroundings encourages difference, challenges convention and moulds innovative ideas through active input and genuine willingness.

Commitment free
Finally, one of the best things about coworking space? As a startup, it’s an environment in which you can make things happen, but totally on your watch and with your own rules. Gravity offers month by month memberships; if you need somewhere to work 5 days a week or more, we’ve got the space. If you want access to space only part of the week – we’ve got the option. If you need your own desk, there’s one there for you. If you want space where you only have to show up and perform the magic you already perform, on your terms, we can accommodate this.

Whatever your plans, Gravity can help them come to life. We’ve taken care of all the small stuff so you can leave the admin to us and get on with shaping your big idea.