CoWorking for Small Businesses – The Gravity Model

CoWorking for Small Businesses – The Gravity Model

At Gravity, we believe in the mantra ‘dress for the job you want’.

Where you work can really reflect on your level of professionalism and ability to service a client.

An untidy, slapdash workspace doesn’t reflect well if you are trying to attract numerous clients, or the big clients.

Gravity is about creating a network of business people in a polished, modern space, where you can wear a suit and feel comfortable.

In addition to providing an aspirational space to impress clients, the Gravity environment provides the following benefits for small businesses:


A Creative Space

  • Gravity’s balcony can be transformed from a morning yoga venue to an informal outdoor meeting area to a networking BBQ event all in the space of one day. While the office floor’s quiet zones can be cleared and transformed into a lecture-style seating area for visiting speakers by night. The possibilities on the Gravity floor are endless, inspiring experimentation among our members.
  • Gravity’s standing desks, white boards and meeting room flipcharts encourage our members to engage their bodies in work activities. Providing space for members to physically engage in activities like drawing business plans and sketching prototypes helps them connect with their work in a more meaningful, productive manner than just sitting at a desk trying to work through a project.
  • A creative environment is never finished. Gravity’s walls are constantly in motion, kept fresh by rotational pieces of artwork provided by Sydney-based sculptor Dion Horstmans.


A Space To Get Work Done

  • Collaboration without contemplation is fruitless. Gravity provides an environment for both brainstorming team work and focussed individual work.
  • We provide flexibility, you can work wherever you want in the space – desks, quiet booths, meeting rooms, brainstorming areas which provide different sound and privacy levels.
  • As our members businesses grow, we can accommodate their needs by providing space for a small team.


Non-Invasive Networking

  • The concept of Gravity is that it is an open, collaborative environment and workspace, designed to attract like-minded members from a range of industries including property, marketing, finance, advertising, fashion, design and IT. We want out members to share knowledge and skills and help each other to maximise opportunities that come their way.
  • However our community is unique in that we are not a coworking space full of people just out of uni, we are building a membership platform of experienced, highly motivated and intelligent business people who have the drive to succeed in what they are doing.
  • Therefore we don’t push networking and collaborative events, instead letting them happen organically on the office floor or online through our members Community Page.
  • Gravity’s Community Page connects members who might not have the opportunity to meet at the coffee machine, they might not even be working from the same Gravity site, but who would like to form a mutually beneficial working relationship.


Great Technology

  • While our Black & White printing is free, our Follow Me Printing service helps our small businesses reduce colour printing costs by up to 60% and minimizes the time required to manage printing environments.
  • We offer secure server racks for our small businesses to plug into
  • Fibre Optic Wifi provided by iiNet
  • Video conferencing units