Be the Author of your own Success – Our Top Tips

Be the author of your own success – our top tips

Everyone strives to have a successful business and whilst it’s easy to have a picture in your mind of what success looks like, we wanted to share with you our top tips to help build the momentum you need to achieve success on a daily basis. We’d love to know if you’ve got any other tips so be sure to share the article and tell us what they are!

1: Be prepared
Start your day with a plan, and watch how productive you will be. For those important meetings and client pitches you have, always do your homework and go to the meeting prepared with what you want to get out of it, and be ready to answer any questions they may have. If you aren’t all over your current work, how will anyone have the confidence to give you further opportunities? You want to appear like you’re all over it.

2: Become part of a group highly talented and successful business professionals
We all know the advantages of networking in widening your pool of contacts, but have you thought about being part of something that is more than just a catch up over a free glass of wine?
This is where spaces like Gravity, are dedicated to facilitating entrepreneurs work habits. We strive to create networking opportunities and we aim to facilitate lead sharing. Our space is great place to rub shoulders with experienced professionals from a variety of industries, not just the ‘cool kids’ industries of IT and app development.

3: Network with the people who you aspire to be one day
Regardless of whether someone is a partner at the firm or a newly minted consultant, it makes no sense to be afraid to strike up a conversation. Of course, in your professional experience, there will be fine lines to tread and hierarchy to be respected. But if you’re simply trying to introduce yourself and have a chat with someone, it shouldn’t really matter who they are. People are people, and as long as you respectful, you could create a wonderful opportunity just by starting a conversation.

4: Show confidence with body language
Avoid hands in pockets, fidgeting and crossed arms which all give off the impression of nervousness and insecurity. Shoulders back, make eye contact and a firm handshake whether it’s male or female you are dealing with, will all indicate confidence, power and influence.

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