A chat with…..

A chat with…..

We’re lucky enough to have Dominic Lopresti, entrepreneur and former CEO of international gelato franchise ‘Gelatissimo’ as one of our members. He agreed to have a chat with us about what makes him tick and why he loves Gravity. His enthusiasm and big smile fills our workspace with great vibes everyday. Oh and the gelato tastings in our breakout are quite well attended too!

So Dominic, tell us about your latest venture! We’re guessing it’s food related?
It certainly is! It’s called Original Meatball Company, and the idea is based on QSR (a Quick Service Restaurant) Meatball Concept. I’ve had lots of Gravity members taste testing our menu and concepts….i’m pretty sure that’s been quite well received!

What is your working background?
I founded the Bravo Gelato company, that eventually evolved into the Gelatissimo Group, of which I was appointed joint CEO with my brother Marco in 2007.

Well we definitely know and love the Gelatissimo brand and product! So, with your newest venture underway, what made you decide that Gravity is the coworkingspace for you?
I was impressed from the moment I walked in. It is clean, open, modern space, conducive for creative thinking.

Can you give us 3 benefits as to why Gravity is helping you with your business?
1. It’s provided me with a professional Image as our corporate head office

2. Proximity to Flagship Store was hard to beat

3. Low start up overheads which was an important consideration for me

What is one of your greatest work achievements?
I have two:

1. Starting a business from scratch and taking it global

2. Opening a Gelatissimo in Florence, Italy and being the first Australian to do it!

Wow, they are pretty great achievements! Tell us what you love most about what you do.
Food is my passion. From a young age I was surrounded by good food and I love being able to make it part of my everyday work (and social) life.

Favourite food?
Meatballs & Gelato!

Ha, we should have known! Favourite book?
Jim Collins – Good to Great

And finally, a piece of advice for our other members and for startups and entrpreneurs out there?
In life, those who are content are the richest of all. In business, those who are content are sitting ducks.

contact Dominic at [email protected]