5 minutes with a member: Stuart King

5 minutes with a member: Stuart King

Stuart King is the kind of member every co-working environment wants.

As the managing director of Risk to Business, Stuart is the guy people call when workplace behaviour issues emerge and require skilled intervention.

He passionately believes that everyone should have a great day at work, his energy is a huge bonus to the positive forces at work on Gravity’s floor.

Taking time out from his busy work schedule, Stuart explains why he made the move from working at home and shares valuable advice for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

So tells us a bit more about Risk to Business.
We identify and reduce risk from inappropriate behaviour for organisations, thereby protecting people, brand and reputations. We believe that people should have a great day at work and be safe from bullying, harassment and discrimination.

With a successful background in the police force, how did you end up starting Risk to Business?
After a successful 30-year career in Victoria Police, I attained the rank of Superintendent following a diverse career in Operations, Prosecutions, Criminal Investigation, Strategic Development, Senior Police Management, OD, IR and HR change management programs (Equity & Diversity). My Last position in the force was that of Officer in charge of operational training and the Detective Training School, Victoria Police Academy.

I was awarded the National Police Medal and the Police Service Medal, and bravery commendations including one for “…tenacity in the pursuit & apprehension of armed offenders after a lengthy high speed car chase..”

From there I went on to study business at Monash Uni, conflict resolution at La Trobe Uni, International Police Management at NT Uni. I then took a 2-year sabbatical as CEO of Diversity @ Work Australia. I actually started Risk to Business in 2001 as a hobby, then grew it into a great business that makes a contribution to workplaces for current and future generations.

You were originally working from home, what encouraged you to make the move to a co-working space?
I needed the discipline of going to an office, Gravity brings me focus, and I thrive off the positive energy of other SMEs and start-ups in action in the workspace.

What is one of your greatest work achievements?
It’s Hard to pick one, these are on a par:

  • Investigating the importation of young Thai women into the illegal brothel networks of Australia.
  • Identification of discrimination against a pregnant woman employee.

Your work is your passion, tell us why?
My work is about making a difference in a positive way. It’s all about my contribution to people, workplaces and employers. I investigated a bullying case some years ago and unfortunately the young apprentice committed suicide. His family went through a terrible time. I promised myself that I would do whatever I could to make sure someone else’s child did not experience that trauma.

Favourite food?
Ooooh a close thing between Thai & a tender steak off the BBQ with crisp garden vegetables

Favourite book?
‘What makes us tick’ – by Hugh McKay

Piece of advice for our other members and for startups and entrepreneurs out there?

  • People should be have a great day at work, every day;
  • When people feel safe they do their best work;
  • Whilst we may not change the world, we can change the world of one person, through leadership;
  • The standard we move past as leaders is the standard we adopt;
  • Great workplaces can be created;
  • Organisations need access to information, systems and processes to ensure people are safe at work.