5 minutes with a member: Daniel Giles

5 minutes with a member: Daniel Giles

Having moved from iinet’s corporate offices to Gravity, Daniel Giles explains how the environment at 50 Carrington St helps bring the best out in his team.

Coming from a more traditional workplace, what are your first impressions of coworking office space and is it different to what you expected it to be?
The open floorplan is definitely a highlight. The facilities also give us everything we need to do our roles external from our corporate offices, which is a plus. Setting up our team was hassle free, and we were up and running within a few hours of moving in.

Can you give us 3 benefits as to how Gravity is helping your team work together ?
1. Expansion – I have a large workforce from third-party vendors which can vary based on demand and I need to be able to expand our workforce as required. This takes away the hassle of juggling space in our offices.
2. Flexibility – With customer service being the priority in our business, Gravity helps iiNet to expand our corporate footprint in Sydney, while maintaining a stable customer service presence in our existing offices.
3. Environment – At iiNet, our people are our greatest asset. Ensure they have a working environment to achieve their best is critical to success. Gravity provides the sort of environment that helps bring out the best in our people.

So how long have you been with iiNet? Give us a background of what you’ve done for them.
I have been with iiNet for 4 years, and I’m a part of their Information Services team. For instance, when we release our latest “Fat Chats, Skinny Bills” campaign, it’s my team which is part of making sure we can technically launch the product to the public.

What is your working background?
Originally I come from a Call Centre background, however I landed in Information Services due to my business analysis experience.

What is one of your greatest work achievements?
Being able to assist in bringing previous AAPT residential customers into the iiNet family and juggle the various systems involved.

Best thing about working for iiNet?
Every aspect of the company revolves around the same priority, that the customer comes first. Not many companies in our industry can say the same thing.

Favourite food?
Definitely Japanese food.

Favourite book?
Losing My Virginity (Richard Branson Autobiography)