5 minutes with a member: Carlos Mauleon

5 minutes with a member: Carlos Mauleon

“Even if you fail, identifying and sharing your mistakes can help you add value and you have increased your chances for next time around,” – great advice from Gravitite Carlos Mauleon.
As Senior Manager of Strategic Business Initiatives at BIZNEX Consulting, Carlos is passionate about creativity, finding alternatives and generating solutions.
Taking time out from his busy schedule, Carlos explains how he uses Gravity’s coworking spaces pool of entrepreneurs to pilot new ideas and generate fresh concepts.

Can you give us a brief description of what BIZNEX Consulting is all about?
BIZNEX Consulting is all about building roadmaps for strategic planning through tailored research and analysis to serve as a platform for decision undertaking and for the development of fresh ideas and innovation.
The main area of focus for the company is wealth management covering Fund Management, Superannuation, Insurance, Financial Planning and Sales & Distribution channels.
However, the business is versatile and dynamic to cater for industries outside this mainstream.
Our Solutions range from; Market Trend Analysis – Competitor Analysis – Financial Budgeting – Customer Growth Strategies – Marketing Strategies – Operational Improvement – Project Management and Business Strategy & Planning.

What are your greatest work achievements?
I consider to have added value for multiple companies throughout my career by identifying, running and implementing business initiatives which materialized in new business as well as generated operational efficiencies.

Tell us what you love most about what you do.
I’m passionate about creativity, finding alternatives and generating solutions and I love developing concepts and ideas and making them come to life. I enjoy working with driven and motivated individuals and get satisfaction from uncovering opportunities and tackling business challenges.

What is your Business background
I studied Applied Finance and the Diploma of Financial Planning. My career has been focused on wealth management. I have worked for ING, ANZ, AMP and Certitude Global Investments.

What made you decide that Gravity is the co-working space for you?
The flexibility it offers in terms of downsizing or up scaling your business if need be is something that I consider is an important factor given the modern ever changing environment.
I consider that the solutions and plans offered can serve as great stepping stones and aid for entrepreneurs to make their way into the market as they ignite their businesses or test new business concepts.
The gravity community also opens up the doors for business cooperation bringing together a broad base of driven individuals creating a pool of expertise from which entrepreneurs can leverage from to fast pace their businesses or identify synergies for strategic business alliances which undoubtedly could spark fresh ideas and innovation.

Can you give us 3 benefits as to why Gravity is helping you with your business?

  • Flexibility to downscale or upscale your operations as required.
  • Great pilot opportunity to test out new concepts and business ideas.
  • Opportunity for business alliances and innovative ideas to emerge due to the community that Gravity brings together.
  • I also consider that Gravity has the capacity, willingness and initiative to evolve and offer solutions to aid entrepreneurs succeed in today’s ever changing environment.


Favourite food?
Welcome all types but the healthier the better.

Favourite book?
Not available in English yet. It’s only available in Spanish but I’ll let you know when it is. La Santa Bruja by Raúl Suarez Maceiras.

Piece of advice for our other members and for startups and entrepreneurs out there?

Be creatively restless.

The learning curve makes it worth it.

Even if you fail identifying and sharing your mistakes can help you add value and you have increased your chances for next time around.


You can learn more about BIZNEX here