5 Mins with Dion Horstmans

5 Mins with Dion Horstmans

At Gravity, we understand that the energy of our surroundings encourages effective and meaningful work.
Each of Gravity’s sites provide aspirational environments for members to meet, collaborate and mould innovative ideas into commercial successes.
An integral part of the Gravity floor is the rotational artwork provided by Sydney-based sculptor Dion Horstmans.

Dion spent 15 years working in the Sydney film industry making props and models for movie sets, before becoming a full time artist.
Since then, his works have appeared at Vivid Festival, Bondi’s Sculpture by the Sea and L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival Windows by Design.

Last year Dion completed a major public art commission titled Super Sonic, a 91-piece steel sculpture weighing some 59 tonnes, for 707 Collins St Melbourne.
A scaled down version of the yellow geometric artwork is now hanging at Gravity Sydney, and we’re excited to see what Dion will create for our new Brisbane office.

Chatting to Gravity, Dion gives a glimpse into the life of an artistic entrepreneur.

1. You left the film industry to go out on your own, what inspired you to take that leap?
Rory Unite, a mate who I worked with in film, a very very clever boy, anyway, he left to study and practice as a sculptor, classic kinda stuff….I was like…I’m gunna do that too…not the classic stuff, my stuff. Also I’d had enough of helping create other people’s dream’s, my dreams were waiting to be realised.

2. What advice would you have for entrepreneurs looking to give up their day job and follow their dream?
Never give up, work really hard, get up in the morning…go for a run, swim, do whatever you need then start working on your dream, do 10+ hours a day, and then work some more…keep dreaming, keep working, it ain’t gunna be easy

3. The artist’s life can be a lonely one, how do you combat this?
To be honest I don’t find my life to be lonely, admittedly I spend 11-12 hours a day on my own, there’s this internal dialogue going the whole time, but I’m working, I’m creating, the time seems to fly past…if I need to talk to someone, I’ll call my partner or my daughters….and there’s always the barissta’s for the some face time

4. The coworking concept champions the benefits of community and collaboration, do you have a network you can bounce ideas off?
Hmmmm…I have a couple of guys working as set builders next door to my studio, I might ask them tech question’s, otherwise I’m pretty much doing it solo, again, I’ll call Gracie, or more often than not, I’ll walk away from one project and start something else and come back to it, fresh eyes are always good.

5. You’ve an envious travel record which has clearly inspired your previous work, but is it possible to find inspiration in the everyday, mundane?
You know what, travel…which is life and experiences, are things you tap into all the time, you draw on them forever, life’s experiences kinda roll into and mix with your dreams. inspiration = work, not inspired = i’m feeling lazy, which is cool, ya need down time.
I feel really privileged with my life, I’m doing exactly what I wanna be doing, there’s nothing mundane, it’s not part of my language.
I get up, I go to my studio, I create things all day….it’s hot and smelly, it hurts, I get burnt, it’s noisy, did I mention its hot…..it ain’t mundane , ain’t he a boxer…..kidding.

Dion’s signature geometric work has influenced the design of Gravity’s new website, check out the new look here.